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Hleks Gıda San.ve Tic. A.Ş. (HLEKS) is to protect human rights for everyone who works in our company and works with our company. The protection of human rights in all our business processes is our primary priority. We aim to provide a work environment complying with international standards and respects human rights where the employees could develop themselves, express their opinions freely and will not be subject to discrimination.
Hleks Human Rights Policy (Policy) has been prepared by basing on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations (UN) Global Compact, UN Convention on Children’s Rights, International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations, UN Guidelines for Business Life and Human Rights, and the national laws.
This policy sets out the principles of responsibility for human rights in activities and business relations of Hleks.The policy is incorporated into contracts with suppliers and third parties.


  • Everyone in our organization is responsible for showing the necessary respect to human rights.
  • The Executive Vice President , one of our Board members, is generally responsible for the integrity of the human rights issues with the existing activities and the way in which new opportunities are developed and managed.
  • Directors, managers and officials must demonstrate visible leadership that promotes human rights.
  • All employees, contractors and consultants are responsible for ensuring that their behaviors do not harm the human rights of others.


  • We respect basic human rights under the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and carry out our activities in accordance with these principles.
  • We care and practice non-discrimination, non-employment of children, non-forced labour, collective bargaining right and freedom of organization principles, and fulfilling the requirements of international contracts to which Turkey is a party on human rights and social justice issues.
  • We respect and implement the rights vested through laws.
  • We are not involved in any initiatives that may result in a criminal action or abuse of right, and we expect our managers and employees to work in the same direction.
  • We exhibit an equal attitude in recruitment, training, career, wage management processes and in work environment without making discrimination with regard to gender, ethnicity, religion, race, nationality, age, physical capacity, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership, political opinion and the like.We manage these processes transparently, depending on the skills, experience and performance of our employees.
  • We support the rights of all our employees on establishing associations and organizing meetings, and the organization rights and collective bargaining rights of all our employees – within the framework of legal regulations – and respect freedom of expression.We do not discriminate our employees who use these rights in any way and we do not put pressure on them.
  • Our “zero accident” target forms the basis of our business health and safety (OHS) approach.We place importance to provide a safe working environment for our business partners and employees, and to take care to take all necessary measures under the OHS Legislation and ensure that our employees have the necessary knowledge.
  • We are committed to providing employees with a safe and secure working environment far from all kinds of ill-treatment, intimidation and harassment at work.In case of encountering such situations, we encourage our employees to report on the situation using their freedom of expression.
  • We comply with the working hours and overtime provisions set by laws and regulations.
  • We respect the rights of local people.
  • We take necessary precautions when the human rights are under risk.
  • We educate our employees on annual training courses that encompass all areas of work identified by international human rights policies.
  • We develop our procurement processes to select our suppliers in accordance with this Policy.
  • In the event of a negative impact on human rights, we try to eliminate these effects.
  • We develop formal complaint mechanisms to make up for the violations of the rights made by the company.


  • Our managers, employees and those acting on behalf of Hleks are required to comply with the Policy, as well as to report any violations or possible violations to the relevant managers and/or through corporate complaint channels.
  • We expect our suppliers and business partners to act in accordance with the Policy.
  • We encourage our stakeholders to provide feedback on the Policy.


The Policy is an integral part of Sustainability Approach of Hleks and is communicated to all employees in the language of their home country.
This Policy was approved and put into effect by the Executive Board.
The policy is reviewed at least every five years and the progress of the implementation is followed.During important product, service, and activity changes, review is performed as soon as possible.
Issues that are considered to contradict with the policy, procedures, processes, practices, products and activities or those make the implementation of the policy harder are reviewed.

We regularly hold meetings with our employees, and ask them if they have any problems related to human rights besides other problems.

Risks of non-compliance with human rights are classified as risks that may trigger, effect or is exposed to by Hleks, and practices are developed in order to reduce these risks.Transparently identified areas of risk for human rights, the precautions taken and the improvement steps taken are annually shared with the public through the reports.
In the event of non-compliance with this human rights policy and/or a complaint concerning the matter, the person or persons concerned may face criminal penalties such as disciplinary action and/or termination of work contract as a result of the audit performed.Policy violations may be reported using one of the following channels.In these declarations, the laws on the protection of personal information in the relevant country must be complied with.

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